Today is the day.

I was up earlier than usual today and took that time to pray. I have always heard that when you awake at that crazy hour in the middle of the night that is God telling you that you need to have a talk. So, I talked. I am proof that he does answer prayers, and I have faith that he will come through on this as well. See, I have no clue what my purpose is. I want to be that person that wakes up every day and loves what they do. I want my passion to be my career. What is my passion? Funny you should ask because, I am not exactly sure. I am excellent at talking myself out of everything I think is a good idea. I love to write but, what do I write? Will anyone read it? Will they like it? Am I making myself vulnerable by sharing what this crazy mind thinks? My mind is my safe haven. It holds everything! Things I love to talk about, things I would never dare to mention, all the good and bad memories, and while I feel like what I have to say wouldn’t matter to anyone on this planet.. what if it will?

Mommy Gang is the name of my Facebook group. It’s a group for Moms and I use it as a platform to be somewhat inspirational. Every post I’ve made, I have been really speaking to myself but out loud so everyone can see. I have slacked off with the posting due to the lack of feedback from the followers but, who cares right? Someone is reading. Someone is being inspired. So, I woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and told myself that today is the day. I WILL start my blog. I will share my daily thoughts and adventues with the world. I am scared to death, and far from doing this right, but I have to start. So, after having this blog for a year now, it is time to bring it to life!



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