I’m not technically inclined.

I have been apart of Word Press for a while now. I had an account under another username but, for the life of me, I can not remember the log in. So, here I am, once again. I set this account up a few months, or so ago and finally have sat down to see about it. I’ve spent several nights trying to decide on, what should I say? Well, not tonight. I love to write down my thoughts and feelings. Writing is the greatest escape, next to music. I have the most intimate relationship with about three journals I backpack around. Each one serves a different purpose. Setting all this up you have to give a “Tell about yourself” on the profile and, as usual, I had no idea what to say. I am the type of person that thinks, who is really about to sit here and read some random woman’s “about me”? I made it perfectly clear that I am actually pretty boring and I just really want to blog my thoughts. If anyone decides to take on this journey with me, well come on. I would be really excited that you did. I find it more liberating to take a pen to paper and write everything that comes to mind but, decided that I better figure out how to type for the sake of my book. That is a dream of  mine. One day, it will be reality. I wasn’t even really sure what to type about on here for my first post. I’m really just trying to figure it out… just like everything else in my life and since I am officially journaling all my emotions into this online blog, maybe you can help me along the way, or even better, I may just be able to help you. That makes me feel pretty good. I suppose, in a way, this was my “Welcome Letter”. So, Welcome.. and thank you for being here.

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