Calling out to fellow young mothers, project lovers, coffee enthusiasts & green thumbs.  I wanted to create an environment (my blog) where I can make new mum friends and share stories/advice on this journey called parenthood we are on together, share my affordable – super easy projects for other ladies who may be on a […]

Dear diary, I’m not even sure where to begin it’s been so long since my last post.. Well, I had my baby! Let’s start there. 25th July, 1.37pm – After 10.5 hours of labor and a very unexpected C section, CCR (Carter Colin Reis) finally came earth side. Which looking back I am very thankful for […]

I’m having so much FUN this Spring so far.. watching the trees become vibrant in colour, flowers blooming and the smell of summer just around the corner. Fresh vegetables for sale on every corner. I love gardening, I love watching the vegetables grow day by day, the sustainability of growing my own Veges and also […]

I’ve become so exhausted with growing this little nugget I only have energy to go to work.. and then I come home and nap and binge watch Shameless.. I have NO energy!  Anyways, last night I watched Sharkwater. A documentary arguing that sharks are misunderstood as dangerous creatures.  I LOVE sharks. Swimming with sharks has […]

Best. Cookies. EVER Craving sugar, and chocolate -especially chocolate – on a daily now. However I can’t afford to fuel my cravings as much as I’d like. I was sitting on the couch tonight catching up on #BBCAN5 and needed something sweet in my life, so I thought of Peanut butter cookies! And then I […]

The little alien in my belly is a baby boy! I knew it! My partner and I decided to find out baby sex. He is a planner, and with it being our first baby there is so much we have to learn and prepare for. I was undecided, I kind of want to wait – […]